July 21, 2013

Catch up....again!

It seems that I am always having to write "catch up" posts...it has been almost an entire year since I have written on here! It's been a very busy and eventful year, so I'm going to write a couple posts to capture everything from the past year. Some of these I wrote a while ago and never posted. Here is a short summary of the past year in case you just can't wait to read the other posts! :)

August 2012 - Matt had signed a contract to play in France
September - We found out the team declared bankruptcy right before we were supposed to fly over to France, this means he was without a team, as the team no longer existed
October - we prayed a lot and were hoping for another contract, not sure what to do next, the season had already started and most teams had their players
November - I took a full time tax accounting job here in Birmingham, and committed to work through April 15
December - Matt got signed by a team in Cancun, Mexico, so he went there and I continued to work full time in Birmingham and visit him as much as I could
January - March 2013 - Matt played in Cancun and had a good season with no injures, I stayed in Birmingham and worked through tax season, we did not like being apart!
April - Matt came home from Cancun, and then turned around and played in Puerto Rico for about two weeks
May - now - I am still working full time at my job, and Matt is training; we are waiting to hear from his agent where this next season will take us!