December 11, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Every year, I have an idealistic vision that I will do all my Christmas shopping so early, maybe even on Black Friday, and be finished by maybe December 15, with plenty of time to wrap each present beautifully and have it waiting under the tree. I don’t think this has happened yet. I think this is the first year I’ve realized why. 

Shopping is a huge process to me, especially shopping for someone else. I used to be the world’s biggest impulse buyer, buying cheap shirts that lasted two washes because it was a great deal, or not being able to say no to the sales person and ending up with things I don’t need, or buying a pair of really great extremely high heels that I end up never wearing because they hurt and I don’t have anywhere practical to wear them to…. 

Anyway, I think I am getting better at not impulsively spending money, and am now becoming the opposite, where I will not spend money unless I have already “visited” the item 5 times and I am perfectly sure it is exactly what I need or want. (Note: the exception to all this is the grocery store – I am extremely impulsive there, and still have not learned to stay away when I’m hungry. I try to always have Matt with me or I spend a fortune.)

So now add in shopping for someone else. I want to find the perfect present that they will love, and I also want to make sure there is nothing out there that is better. So in my mind, I need to go to every store in Avila, see what they have, and then go back and decide what to buy as a gift. Poor Matt. He has been on several walks around the entire town with me, ready to buy Christmas gifts, and we’ve come back with nothing, even though I almost bought 5 things!

This year I want to get everyone presents from Spain, and we are flying home the 18th, so I have to be done early! Tonight Matt has an away game, so I went out by myself determined to make some purchases. I almost walked away from several things, but bought them anyway, and now I am so happy with what I have so I hope the people I am giving it to will like it!

The good thing is that I absolutely adore shopping, for anyone or anything, so maybe this whole “process” is just me finding a way to take as many shopping trips as possible. ;)

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