January 22, 2012


Weekends are my favorite time over here, especially when Matt's games are on Friday. He gets Saturday and Sunday totally off, so we get to hang out for two days straight :). I'm not very busy over here, but he is! He lifts weights on top of 2 practices on Monday, 2 practices on Tuesday, "only" one on Wednesday, weights again and two practices on Thrusday, one a shooting practice, and then a game on Friday or one practice Friday and game on Saturday. (Or something pretty close to that schedule.) So he is worn out most days during the week, the coaches work them really hard.

So weekends we take it really easy, watch movies and pretty much stay in the apartment almost the whole two days. This weekend, on Saturday I went to Cuatro Postes, the hotel where the team eats, and ate lunch with Matt. This was a treat for me to have a good meal prepared by someone else. Then we came back to the apartment and did nothing, it was great. We played on our computers and got on Skype with our families and watched some TV. Oh, and I started this program to learn basic Spanish free through my library in Florida, so we'll see if I can stick with it. It's about time I started actually studying Spanish, not just picking up on random words a few times a week.

This morning (Sunday) we made a big breakfast, which was delicious. In Orlando we used to cook breakfast on Saturday sometimes, but we haven't eaten anything but frosted flakes since we've been in Spain. We made eggs and pancakes and had orange juice, it was great, definitely going to become a Sunday tradition. Then we watched the Sunday service from Church of the Highlands live, which is so awesome to be able to watch the worship and everything. After that, we watched the Justin Bieber movie, Never say Never, which I actually really enjoyed, it was good. For the rest of the day we've just been on Skype with our families and relaxing. I did fold some laundry so that was one productive thing.

So that's a glimpse at our weekend. Sounds lazy, I know, and it is for me, but Matt really deserves it after a hard week, and honestly just needs to be off his feet for a couple days. It definitely makes Monday harder though, when we both have to get up at 9 (oh so early), me for an English lesson and Matt for the first of a 2 a day (really 3 a day if you count weights) practice. That's a glimpse in our life, I'll give you a glimpse into a weekday later, maybe a Wednesday when I have 4 English lessons to make me sound busy :).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

I found your comment on my friend Ann's blog (who moved from Madrid to Hong Kong). So I'd like to tell you something about the christian community in Madrid. Ann and I both attended Oasis Madrid (oasismadrid.org) which meets every other Saterday at 6pm at (Puerta del) Sol for a service and the other weekends for either a social activity or a seminar, and has community groups during the week. It is a young church with many young professionals in their twenties and thirties. The sister church is Mountainview International Church (www.mountainview-church.com). This church is more family oriented and meets on Sunday mornings at 10.30am in Las Rozas (so is a bit closer to Avila).

Next to these churches, there are a couple of other international churches (f.i. Immanuel Baptist Church), but hopefully this gives you a good start!

Kind regards,

a Dutch girl who is (now) living in the States