February 16, 2012

CPA Exam

I'm so excited about an opportunity that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago! I had to purchase new study materials for the next section of the CPA exam (Audit) that I will take in May. I decided to purchase Gleim again, first because they are the cheapest, second because I have passed two tests in a row using Gleim. As I was on their website, I saw they had started a blog and needed writers, compensation included. So...after some correspondence, I will be writing about my study process for the Gleim Blog once a week, and in return I receive a section of study materials FREE! I am so excited, and if you know how much study materials cost, then you will be excited for me too!

All that to say that my first introductory post went up today, and HERE is the link if you would like to read it. Now I actually have to study so I can have something to write about....

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