April 19, 2012


About two months ago some of my English teacher friends had a day off and were so kind to take me to some villages around Avila searching for Castles! It was really fun, and here are some pictures from the day:

My friend Diana

Me in front of the Castle

Unfortunately there wasn't anything inside, just overgrown grass and some rocks

The back of the castle was literally built into the mountain rocks

View of Avila from the Castle, you can barely see it

Some Chick-fil-a cows in a village we drove through; according to my friends these are milking cows

Another castle and restaurant, but it was closed

Some small houses in the tiny villages we were driving through

More cows, just wondering around 
A hotel in the mountains near Avila - near meaning about a 1 hour drive through the mountians! It was beautiful though, and the hotel is very old, with a gorgeous view out the back.

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